Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who has the Monkey?

A Danish citizen was a little surprised, when he went walking down a street in his hometown "Farum" Tuesday morning:

In a garden he saw a big ape, the size of a chimpanzee, swinging from tree to tree towards the wood surrounding Farum!

He first contacted "Copenhagen Zoo" to ask if they missed a chimpanzee - they didn't.

He then contacted the police in the nearby town of "Hilleroed".

" We haven't received any other report about a big ape or monkey on the loose, so maybe it is not an ape after all?" Said the policeman on duty, "And nobody has contacted the police because they miss their ape - but if it is really an ape the size of a chimpanzee, this might be due to the fact, that it is illegal for private citizens to keep an ape/monkey that big".

The police in Hilleroed would like other citizens to report, if they also have seen an ape-like animal near Farum Lake.

(ed: No, it is not my cousin!)

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