Friday, August 25, 2006

Where do I come from?

We have all been asking ourselves important questions like: "What is the meaning of life?" and "Where do I come from?"

Some people don't believe that the scientific Theory of Evolution is correct - they prefer to believe that God created man directly (from clay or some other sticky stuff).

Some religious people believe in the Creation as described in the Holy Bible ("Creationism").

Other religious people tend to believe in so-called "Intelligent Design" (ID) - which is essentially a modern version of Creationism.

The Pope in Rome believes that God created the Big Bang - which then evolved in accordance with the laws of nature. This is not to be confused with ID, but should rather be called "Theism".

Personally, I have always believed, that the Theory of Evolution is correct, no matter what else I believe in (I am a Christian).

Up till now, that is!

After finding some bad news about my own ancestors on internet, I am no longer so sure about "Evolution".

I think I hate Darwin!

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